Waw it takes so long 4 me to write again, I didnt write for so long not because i’m “lack” of ideas but i’m just “lack” of spirit.hhehehe Oh yeah, it's 9 days to go till "Idul Fitri" and you must be wondering why today is english. Its simply cause its cool, got it? Ok, I actually wanted to write “this”, finnaly i’m doing it and sorry my “intermezo” isn’t so long.

Here, right now  and at 3am my clock is showing.  I just want say that i’m ready to forget all of the things that i feel to her, i have been thinking... my life must go on and thinking about her will just make me hurt more.  I know its hard 4 me 2 forget it, She was my first and just everything...That’s all, nothing more. But She ever said or at least i quoted “just because you were happy with him doesn’t mean you can’t be happy without him” She was right and always be. I just felt i can do it, and  i’ve started it.

The last, i’d like to say sorry, it was my fault. I shouldn’t be in her life anymore. I have no responsibility 2 take care of her. And the main, i’m sorry cause i was breaking my promise i should keep the promise i ever made but i didn’t, once it was my fault again. So i swear i will keep it and don’t worry about it this is my last posting about you. I just wanna make friend with her,  we can still be friend. I hope you read this, forgive me and replay it cause...............its really meaningful ^^a


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