Yeah i know, i suppose to using this time to do my "Creative Writing". But probably i need afew minutes to write something in my blog. It's about today, i have percentage for 2day. It's 55% Bad and 45% Good...

You know my day was messed up....
I actually have written some, but i think it would be danger for me to mention some lecturer. I would get trouble...
So my 20% of my bad day was caused by my lecturer 
and you know the 35% other was caused by someone, or maybe something. I dont have to mention it, it just pissed me off. You know we call this BeTe... Dammit
#np "Dammit" by BLINK182
Ok keep on...
But its not the only thing that i have 2day, because of some friends i have good day too.
yeah the last 45% of my good day was caused by some of my friends.
I remmember this morning when i had to choose someone to presenting at front..
I'm on purpose choosing one of my friend, i saw her face and its not the good expression...
I try to change my choice but Ms.Lemon didn't let me, 
I know it belonged with her, cause i still rememmber her Id Card ^^v
so I just choose it.hhahahahaaa
And you know, what was next? yeah She got mad or maybe little upset with her expression :D and its because of me -___-a
But i did it for the good reason, right? making her more convidence.
And look, I successed. She had good performanced :D
So I am the good man right? ^____^
Oh yeah, She is Anis ting ting. *I guess she will get mad again* hhahahaa
The other percentage was made by my "Gangster" D'SEJTO but oki wasnt coming...
Its funny if remembering the things that happening on the canteen in back area of campus :D
"Where ever we are, playing card is requirement" jiaahahahaaa
Thanks for today guys, see you 2morrow at campus :)
sorry i have no picture for this :(


  1. I think, it's more btter if u put some picture, maybe my picture.

  1. -_- why do you always ask about putting your pictures???

  1. b'coz it will give ur website something different with other. hehehe

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