Hi guys, people, readers, and bloggers. I think this is my first post since January last year, and yes it's such a long time. I just got here in my "kost" cause my weekend was spent in my home, Tenggarong. The reason why i'm doing hiatus from blogging for over a year cause i just have no attention to write any post. And why now!? yeah, might be caused i just want it. Anyway, writing is good, right!?

Today is still sunday (20 minutes to go to sunday) and i'm laying in my bed in my room. It's my habbit to stay up till midnight like this. Now that, i'm just thinking what i'm gonna do on wednesday. It's not a special day, but it's the important one. I'm gonna doing my seminar for my thesis proposal. I've been waiting for this for such a long time, and finnaly it's gonna happen. I'm just like my other friends who seriously do this work (thesis). I don't want to wasting my time, wasting my energy and even my money (p.s. my parents' money). So that, i've planned to graduate in this september, and stay focus doing it in this summer. Except Dedy (Who's still focusing on his carrer in modeling), I am left by other friend om my "genk" Erwin, Supardi, Sigit, and Oki. It's actually not entirely cause i am a lazy guy. Listen, there are some factors which influence our success. "Hoki" (lucky) is one of them. I didn't say that they are lucky or fortune. But i might say that i was unlucky back then. My first and second advisor are Mr.Bibit and Mr.Sunardi. Mr.Sunardi is a really dedicated lecturer and very competent in his major, I'm fully respect to him (and that's why i choose him) tbh. But, what made me feel that i'm not lucky enough cause it is not easy doing consultation with him. It's not like he is the one who never get to campus, but he just difficult to meet. The time i was rejected to do consultation is bigger than the time i was accepted. What i'm trying to say is, sometime luck plays the important role in the life.

Oh ya, what i'm saying above is not full expression of myself. I just get tired to write, so that, don't get me wrong if i was regreting my decision to choose Mr.Sunardi. Cause you know, it's actually my bad. Maybe i didn't work harder enough :p

And the bonus for this article,

LOL I'm just laughing out loud looking that picture. But that's me xD , and that funny picture was shot and edited by @Ajenkzz 

Cya guys next time, stay health and don't stay up all night!!! good night everyone.



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